Kylin Low EMF Carbon Far Infrared Sauna Room 2 people – KY2A5-F with foot heater


  • Ultra LOW EMF Carbon Fibre Far Infrared Heaters for safe and effective sessions
  • Additional floor heater to keep your whole body warm
  • Extremely low frequency (ELF) non-ionizing radiation
  • High-quality Canadian Hemlock wood craftsmanship
  • Pre-assembled board and build-in electrical elements
  • Premium sound system with Bluetooth for your listening pleasure
  • No toxic glue and non-toxic materials are used
  • Australian Electrical Safety Approval (SAA Approvals)
  • Indoor infrared saunas fit in fully sheltered patios
  • 5 years parts warranty
  • Delivery cost will be calculated on the cart or checkout page

Availability: Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)

Availability Date: 2024-02-22

(22 customer reviews)

Ultimate Low EMF and ELF

Emits only very low levels at 0.03mGs of non-ionizing radiation when in use. The tested heater panel fully meets the requirements of industry recommendations.

Efficient Far Infrared Technology

The far infrared process uses electromagnetic radiation as the heat source and effectively penetrating the body but not the air around you.

Carbon Infrared Heaters

Carbon fiber heaters are more efficient. It has a lower temperature and longer wavelength infrared rays, allowing the user to enjoy a longer sauna session.

Non-toxic Hemlock Wood

Constructed from eco-friendly grade "A" non-allergenic and non-toxic high quality Canadian Hemlock wood.

Chromotherapy LED Lighting

Energy efficient LED lights provide gentle ambient 10 colors lighting with remote control for color therapy.

Built-in Bluetooth Connectivity

Play the music from your smart phone when connecting the audio via Bluetooth easily.

Easy Assembly

Easy to assemble by DIY which takes you within an hour. Panels are flat-packed. No electrician is needed and just plug in to a domestic 10A socket.

International Certificate

Meets the safety criteria of Australian Electrical Safety Standard with SAA Certificate. Also CE, ROHS, FSC and TUV international certification.

5-year Warranty

Guaranteed 5 years parts warranty within Australia covers the entire sauna – heaters, controls, electrical and audio system.

Easy to Use Controls

Fully equipped with a control panel that allows you to set the sauna to your perfect temperature and timer with just one click.

Ergonomic Backrest Included

Relax against the comfortable ergonomic designed backrest and maximum the sauna experience.

An Extra Floor Heater

This sauna has an additional floor heater to ensure you are surrounded by infrared heat from head to toe.


With Kylin carbon infrared sauna, you can reduce stress and detoxify yourself at affordable prices. Infrared sauna technology is far more efficient than the conventional sauna for one huge reason, the way the air is heated. Heat is generated by infrared panels, not steam as previously used in old-style steam sauna rooms. Many infrared saunas use carbon heaters alongside newer high-end ceramic heaters. These new specialty ceramic heaters coupled with carbon heaters provide a relaxing environment while remaining safe and energy-efficient. High-end ceramic heaters combined with carbon heaters are a technique used in infrared saunas to provide all the health benefits and muscle relaxation expected of the best-infrared saunas. The new infrared process uses electromagnetic radiation as the heat source and effectively concentrates on the mass of the body not the air around it.  Infrared heat technology heats the body much more efficiently making it far more effective in releasing toxins and allowing your body to detox and replenish. Here are some amazing benefits you can experience from using infrared saunas!

Benefits of an Infrared Sauna

  • Detoxification:  Far infrared sauna benefits the body by heating it directly causing a rise in core temperature resulting in a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, where toxins reside
  • Improve Skin: While you relax, the infrared light increases the blood flow to layers of your skin. As you sweat out toxins you will clear out your pores, resulting in clearer, softer, and healthier skin.
  • Pain Relief: Infrared sauna can relieve muscle aches and joint pain. Reducing inflammation by increasing circulation and relaxing tight muscles. Infrared Sauna is proven to assist with areas of athletic performance.
  • Burn Calories: Infrared saunas offer a great way to mix it up and still burn calories in a relaxing environment.  In turn, it is a normal reaction for your heart rate to increase to similar levels as moderate exercise.
  • Improved Circulation: Due to the infrared treatment increasing your core body temperature and heart rate, your circulation will inevitably increase along with it. Consistent infrared sauna sessions can stimulate blood flow, improve muscle recovery, and decrease pain and inflammation post-exercise.


  • Model: KY-2A5-F
  • Capacity: 2 people
  • Electromagnetic Fields: Extremely Low EMF (0 – 0.3mGs)
  • Extra heater: Extra floor heater to provide a full heating environment
  • Accessories: An S-shape Wooden Backrest, an optional magazine rack & a towel hook
  • Material: Canadian Hemlock wood
  • Glass Door: Heat Resistant 6mm thick tinted tempered glass door
  • Heating Elements: Modern carbon far infrared heaters
  • Control panel: Double digital control panel
  • Audio: Bluetooth connection
  • Reading Light: LED square lamp with remote control
  • Certification: SAA, CE, ROHS, FSC, TUV, ETL
  • Seating Type: 1 x Bench
  • Heater: 6 pieces
  • Accessories: Magazine rack & towel hook
  • Temperature Range: 20°C – 65°C
  • Timer Setting: 0-90 Mins
  • Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
  • Power: 1820W
  • Plug: Standard domestic 10A plug


  • Product External Dimensions: 121cm x 106cm x 189cm (L x W x H) – 120kg
  • Packing Dimensions in 2pcs: A) 190cm x 128cm x 33cm – 90kg  B) 127cm x 111cm x 26cm – 42kg
  • Product Internal Dimensions: 112cm x 96cm x 174cm (L x W x H)
  • Bench Dimensions: 106cm x D 42cm (L x D)

Power and Plug:

  • Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
  • Power: 1820W
  • Plug: Standard domestic 10A plug
  • Average running cost: $0.35 per hour
  • Back heater:300W*2 (1000*400mm)
  • Left side heater: :300W*1 (1000*400mm)
  • Right side heater:300W*1 (1000*400mm)
  • Leg heater: 200W*1 (1000*300mm)
  • Foot heater: 300W*1 (1000*400mm)


  • Indoor infrared saunas fit in fully sheltered patios, for additional rain or sun protection, explore our sauna cover options here.
  • Our installation service fee is $250 on top of the delivery charge for an indoor sauna.
  • Our service areas cover the Melbourne and Sydney metropolitan areas, with our reliable third-party assembly teams covering Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth. For more information, give us a call at 03 9988 3693.
  • There will be an additional surcharge of $80 per floor if the installation is required on or above the ground floor.
  • Packaging disposal is not included, an $80 additional cost will occur if required.

The sauna is easy to assemble by DIY in just 45 minutes! The sauna is flat-packed with one or more than one package on a pallet. You will receive panels with built-in electrical elements and No electrician is needed. No plumbing and ventilation are needed in the room. You will only need to assemble them together with the buckles provided, and just plug in a standard 10A domestic power socket (Except for the outdoor model).

Instruction Manual

Click here to download

Installation Video

Shipping & Pick-up


1. For Melbourne or Sydney metropolitan areas, the quote is determined by the distance from your address to Blackburn, VIC 3130 (Melbourne) or Sydney, NSW 2000 (Sydney):

  • Within 45km: $100
  • 46km-67km: $150
  • 68km-90km: $200
  • 91km-135km: $300
  • 136km-180km: $400
  • Please contact us if the calculated shipping quotes do not match, and we will provide a personalized quote for your delivery.

2. For other metro/remote areas: Shipping costs are based on the sauna model you choose and your delivery destination. To calculate your delivery costs, simply enter your postcode and select your suburb on the cart or checkout page.

3. Nearest depot pick-up: Lower shipping cost option. This option offers lower shipping costs. With this choice, your sauna will be delivered to the nearest depot to your address. You will be responsible for picking it up from the depot yourself. You can obtain an instant quote by entering your postcode and selecting your suburb on the cart or checkout page.

We will dispatch your order within 48 hours of receiving your order. The sauna is flat-packed with one or more than one package on a pallet. Our standard delivery is a one-person service to your door on the ground level only and the driver will not take it upstairs or in elevators. The orders in the Melbourne and Sydney metropolitan areas will be arranged by our Kylin delivery team, you will expect a follow-up call or text from our team to confirm the scheduled delivery date and time. The orders in other remote areas will be handled by a 3rd party delivery carrier, the truck driver may not contact you prior to the shipment, please check the tracking details to obtain the updated arrival date. If the recipient is not present to accept delivery, the item will be left in a safe place or will need to be redelivered and any additional redelivery costs will be responsible by the customer.
Please click here for more shipping details.

Self Pick-ups

With all sauna orders, you are welcome to pick them up from us free of charge! The pick-up point is located at Blackburn VIC 3130 and Hurstville NSW 2220.
Please contact us at 03 9988 3693 for more details and we would love to arrange for an easy and fastest way for you. Please place your order online to ensure stock is reserved for you.

  • Head Office/Warehouse at Unit 12, 11 Mary Street Blackburn VIC 3130
  • Warehouse at 12 Smiths Ave, Hurstville, NSW 2220

You are welcome to visit our showrooms to try the excellent sauna experience before purchasing! Please click here for our showroom details.

Return & Warranty

  • For indoor saunas, we provide a 5-year parts warranty and a 1-year labor warranty for residential use; a 1-year parts warranty and a 6-month labor warranty for commercial use.
  • For outdoor saunas, we offer a 3‐year parts warranty and a 1‐year labor warranty for residential use; a 1‐year parts warranty and a 6‐month labor warranty for commercial use.

If the indoor sauna is placed outdoors, the location must be fully sheltered and protected from the weather, otherwise the warranty will be void. The labor service area is located within the Melbourne and Sydney metropolitan areas only. The Sauna warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship. If your sauna is not working in rare cases and needs to repair, please consult our expert and we will come up with the best solution for you. For other remote areas, we will deliver the specified component parts to you free of charge. Click here for more details.

Returns & Exchanges

As Kylin Sauna is a large and oversized item, please understand that we do not provide returns for the sauna because of huge delivery costs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if, for some reason, you are not satisfied with our products, our experts will immediately solve your problem so that you can keep enjoying the sauna. We do not accept returns or exchanges on change of mind.  When receiving your item, please check for any visible damage made during delivery not later than 2 days after the delivery. If there are any rare cases of defective items, please email photos and a detailed description of the circumstances of a defect. Our customer service representative will assist you at your earliest convenience.

Reviews (22)

22 reviews for Kylin Low EMF Carbon Far Infrared Sauna Room 2 people – KY2A5-F with foot heater

    Audrey Campbell
    Kylin provided a very professional installation.The Sauna room was odor free and well made. Very satisfied with the purchase.
    Luca Cook
    Listening to music while sauna is really very enjoyable.
    Absolutely love our new sauna!!! Fast easy delivery, pleasure to deal with Kylin. Highly recommend this sauna to anyone contemplating getting one and its super easy to put together (with 2 people) and it heats up brilliantly. Sooo happy we bought it!
    Seth Elliott
    The sauna was great and I was very happy with it !!!!
    James Robbinson
    The quality of the sauna is excellent and the wood has no odor. The in-home installation service was very professional and took almost an hour to install.
    Installation was very easy and the materials didn't hurt. The customer service people were all very friendly. It heats up surprisingly fast and connects to a bluetooth speaker to play my favorite songs, allowing me to take my time and enjoy a 20-minute sauna retreat.
    Jacinta Lui
    I had sprained a joint before while playing foody, but it never slowed down the pain. A friend recommended using a heat pack to help with recovery, so I bought a sauna. After using it once, I noticed that the pain in my ankle was significantly reduced. There used to be a sauna in the gym, but it was used by too many people and wasn't very clean. With this infrared sauna, I can enjoy a separate space with my wife and listen to our favorite music. The refreshing feeling after sweating is really addictive to me.
    Sam Hall
    Kylin's low EMF carbon infrared sauna is the ultimate relaxation retreat! The addition of a floor heater ensures warmth from head to toe.The Chromotherapy LED lighting and Bluetooth sound system made the experience even better for me.
    Andrew Tol
    Cost effective sauna, well worth it!
    Robins Shahi
    Easy to assemble and very friendly customer service.
    I was looking for a low EMF sauna, and compared with KY-2A5, this one has an extra footer heater which is handy for me. The delivery is quick and installation is as easy as what they claimed on the site, just about an hour by two people. The sauna itself performed well and the customer service was helpful when I called them asking maintenance questions.
    Lee Frye
    I want to get a low EMF sauna and I am sceptical about if the EMF is really that low. Although there are no customer measurements for this one, measurements from another product give me assurance about that. I asked my friend to do a quick measure and it does have the EMF level advertised. I am really happy with that and also considered competitive price and good customer service.
    Gareth MICHAEL
    Quick and easy delivery. Even easier setup up and was sweating buckets in no time 👍👍
    Brandon Briggs
    Really satisfied with the purchase. The delivery is super fast and the assembly is easy and the guide is intuitive. The heat up is quick and the floor heater is handy given we prefer warm for the feet. I love the Bluetooth audio and the 12 colours lights, though it may be better to have Chromecast and Airplay for the audio as well. I specifically chose this version as it's low EMF since I have many electronic devices in the house with complicated electromagnetic environment, so I don't want to add another device that will add more interference. Overall a happy shopping and the service is also great.
    Great product and excellent service. I chose this one because I live close to a transmission line, so I don't want more EMF. The sauna is easy to use and assemble.
    Outstanding service. The sauna works as expected and we love it.
    Haydn Newman
    I recently purchased this sauna for my home and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The shipping was prompt and the installation process was fairly easy with clear instructions provided. The sauna itself is of high quality. I particularly love the foot heater that comes with it, which adds an extra level of relaxation.
    Harper Jackson
    Wow, I am absolutely in love with my new sauna! As a first-time sauna user, I was a bit apprehensive, but the experience was incredible. The foot heater is a game-changer and really adds to the overall relaxation. I couldn't recommend it more!
    Michael Johnson
    I am very happy with my sauna purchase. The sauna arrived on time and in perfect condition. The installation was a breeze and I was able to start using it right away. The experience of sauna is incredibale.
    Melissa Potts
    Excellent service , fast delivery & easy to assemble We love it 😍
    I chose this one for the foot heater in this sauna room and overall it was very good, I will invite friends to experience it afterwards.
    Very happy with this sauna, it looks well, works well. Love it.
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Kylin Low EMF Carbon Far Infrared Sauna Room 2 people – KY2A5-F with foot heater

Availability: Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)

Availability Date: 2024-02-22