Infrared Sauna

The infrared Sauna is one of the most popular types of saunas available in the sauna market. A revolutionary and innovative way for people to enjoy saunas, an infrared sauna has paved the way for stylistic, innovative and amazing accessories for a luxurious form of relaxation! Developed from the original concept and foundations of saunas, the infrared sauna uses infrared lamps and electromagnetic properties to generate heat, similar to saunas but instead of heating the air, they directly deliver heat towards your body. This allows the infrared sauna to operate at lower temperatures compared to traditional saunas which actually maximises the heat therapy benefits. If you have ever been in a traditional sauna, you will know that it does get a bit dry, humid or stuffy inside, with the infrared sauna on the other hand, these are designed to ensure operating temperatures are lower than normal, allowing you to stay longer and reap the health benefits even more!

People enjoy saunas due to the reactions that are caused by being in a sauna. The reaction is similar to moderate exercise. In an infrared sauna, one’s heart rate will increase, exuding sweat which is highly similar to reactions that are involved with moderate exercise. An infrared sauna is just perfect for individuals who cannot stand the heat of traditional saunas but still desire the health benefits that saunas provide. Many health benefits that an infrared sauna provides are treatment for long-lasting health problems. These conditions can involve high blood pressure, heart failure, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, headache, type 2 diabetes and arthritis. To top it all off, there are no supposed harmful effects reported with an infrared sauna.

Key features of an infrared sauna are the wood-based room or cabin and the use of advanced infrared heaters to directly warm the body. This far infrared heat penetrates the body and increases thermal energy whilst being at a lower operating temperature than traditional steam saunas. The infrared sauna is also known to be very effective at heating the body directly and inducing a deep sweat letting your body enter a stasis similar to moderate exercising.

If you were to compare traditional sauna with infrared sauna, there are very subtle differences, after all they do appear very similar to each other. Their purposes are to re-energise and relax the body, but the main difference between an infrared sauna and a traditional sauna is the applications in how heat is used. The traditional sauna uses a single heater that heats the surrounding air which heats the user, whereas the infrared sauna uses advanced infrared heaters to directly warm the body which increases thermal heat and creates an extreme sense of relaxation and sweat. The infrared sauna environment is much cooler than the traditional sauna so you can actually stay much longer to enjoy the benefits.

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Why Buy Infrared Sauna from Kylin?

When you choose to buy infrared sauna from Kylin, you get access to the following benefits:
High-Quality Products: We take great pride in offering top-quality infrared saunas that are carefully designed and manufactured to ensure optimal performance and durability.
Extensive Range of Options: Our product line includes a wide range of sizes and styles to cater to different customer needs.
Comprehensive Services: We offer a full range of services, including product consultation, delivery, installation, and maintenance to ensure a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience.

Benefits of Buying Infrared Sauna

Buying an infrared sauna from Kylin provides numerous benefits, including Improved
Health: Infrared saunas are known to boost blood circulation, lower blood pressure, enhance the immune system and lymphatic system function, and alleviate joint and muscle pain, among other benefits.
Relaxation: Infrared saunas offer a relaxing and soothing environment that helps reduce stress and anxiety, and promote feelings of calmness and well-being.
Beauty Benefits: Infrared radiation can help enhance skin elasticity and blood circulation, leading to healthier and younger-looking skin.

Buy an Infrared Sauna Today!

At Kylin, we offer a wide range of infrared saunas that cater to different customer needs and preferences. Buy an infrared sauna from Kylin today and experience the ultimate relaxation and health benefits that come with it!

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