Kylin is not only a brand, it’s a lifestyle.

We care about using healthy cookware in your kitchen. We are passionate about something quality, durability, and convenient. Kylin was proudly founded in Melbourne, Australia. Kylin aims to make every customer a better and healthier world through our products that improve the life experience.

From the range of rice cooker, slow cooker, heating blender to far infrared sauna, we always do the best of making our products relevant and reliable in any case. In addition, we are also committed to making every effort to make our products non-chemical and sustainable through thoughtful manufacturing processes to achieve our environmentally friendly attitude.

For Quality

Material is the most important factor when it comes to the design and production, ceramic, clay, and stainless steel are main materials that we are focus on the durability and eco-friendliness of our kitchenware. Ceramic and clay are widely considered to be the safest and most environmentally friendly option and free of chemical material PTFE and PFOA. Ceramic non-stick coating made from natural minerals, sand & stone. There are no toxic fumes when cooking. Healthier cooking as less oil required to product quality cuisine. 

For Safety

All Kylin products are certified and tested. They compile with safety regulations with the SAA Certificates which accepted in all of Australia and New Zealand as per JAS-ANZ accreditation. Kylin also meet the safety criteria of AS/NZS 3820 Essential safety requirements for low voltage electrical equipment.

More importantly, we are determined to ensure that our products continue to meet your expectations with humanized design and functional methods. As always, customers are at the core of our value.

It is the beginning of your journey to develop a healthiest lifestyle.

As innovators in the health industry, we are dedicated to developing the very latest in health technology not only in cookware. We also expand our product line on Infrared Sauna Room which features the very latest in carbon heating technology wrapped up in beautiful, high quality natural Canadian Hemlock wood. Carbon fiber heating technology is more recent and therefore, more advanced. Carbon heaters operate at lower temperatures due to the heating wavelength of infrared technology. Along with the numerous health benefits an Infrared Sauna has to offer, one obvious bonus is the warming of your cold bones. You will get more benefit faster along with a more relaxing sauna experience in our Kylin Sauna. Once you start regularly use a Kylin infrared sauna, that’s when wonderful things happen in your lives.

Finding Healthy Cookware and Living Products in Melbourne Or Online

You can purchase healthy cookware options in Melbourne by our authorized retailer at Hello Kitchen store. Kylin carries eco-friendly, non-stick ceramic cookware and quality home living product. Whether you are shopping for healthy cookware anywhere else in Australia, you can explore our healthy cookware online. 




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